Nanoscope Instruments Inc. produces biomedical imaging products for ocular research. Although we are based in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area we are happy to work with customers globally. We work with interns and students from nearby colleges to gain a diversity of perspective which is included in our culture.

Nanoscope Instruments integrates the legacy of forward-thinking product design inspired by Samarendra Mohanty, PhD, an internationally renowned basic and physical science researcher. He describes below how Nanoscope is “Ready for the Future” through our union of instruments, biologics, technologies, and diagnostics to improve ocular outcomes in all species.

The instruments are compact, about the size of a personal computer, and allow for simultaneous workflows and image processing. Some instruments have a handheld OCT/ERG scanner or optional funduscope to enable ‘up-close’ visualization. Our products are multi-modal allowing for micro-irradiation, electroretinography, and/or laser-based gene delivery through OCT guidance. We also have developed a new test to assess vision in those who are currently impaired (LVMPT).

All of our instruments utilize Windows-based software and USB connections for interoperability and permission-granted access for system monitoring. We include a one-year warranty on our products.

We look forward to discussing your interests and are happy to provide quote(s) for our instruments to you. Please use our contact us or product quote forms to do so. Thank You!